Alarm Company, You’re Fired!

Alarm Company, You’re Fired!

No matter if you like or dislike Donald Trump, you have to give him credit for being able to make tons of money off of the simple phrase “You’re Fired” with his past TV show, the Apprentice. Why was it so popular? Well, because when someone was not doing their best, instead of accepting their promise to do better next time, they were shown the door because someone else was willing and able to do a better job.

Hiring an Alarm monitoring company should operate the same way. What’s wrong with the concept that you either do a good job or get fired?

You want to engage a company to monitor your alarm systems that cannot only manage a regional emergency with outside resources, but also have the depth to allow you to add on services like video verification of alarms, remote guard tours, access control administration and ID badge issuance services. AND a company that can be fired with 30 days’ notice if they are not performing.

Too much to ask for?

Not an impossible request, but one not promoted in our industry all that much.  How about the benefits of a long term pricing contract with the ability to fire the ultimate provider of services with 30 days’ notice? And which allows you to move to another central station within that same contract?

At NAVCO we have put together a way for our customers to get the exact kind of monitoring services they desire, while giving them the flexibility to move to a collection of different monitoring companies if unsatisfied with performance or breadth-of-services requirements. As a national system integration company, we decided years ago not to have our own central station, but to have multiple central stations fight for our customers’ business throughout the year.  We monitor quality levels for our customers so the service received is always worth the money paid.  If we need to move to a different central station, our contract allows us to do so.  It’s the best of both worlds, because when someone really needs to be fired…..don’t you want to have that option?