Made in America and Owned by Americans

So many of us are proud Americans, but how many of us go the extra step and buy American products and services whenever possible?

With the state of manufacturing gone global, it is tougher and tougher to purely buy American, but when we can, that’s what NAVCO does. I think it is patriotic to give preferential treatment to companies that are based in America and pay taxes as American based businesses. Every dollar that gets to stay in America makes our country and continent stronger. Don’t get me wrong, we at NAVCO purchase equipment for our customers from all over the globe because not everything of quality sadly comes from American anymore. But I can say that between the USA, Canada and Mexico there are a lot of tremendous technology and manufacturing facilities that we partner with to help us deliver great security solutions for our customers.

When NAVCO gets to pick between a product made in China, from a foreign owned company that has few American employees and something from an American company with lots of American employees, we always give the American company the work and the business.

There is more to being a proud American than waving a flag, and that is by taking care of our own first so that we can be a strong example to the rest of the world.

A strong economy can only be achieved by doing our very best, and rewarding others with our business because of their mutual investment in their people close to home.