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So, you already have a DMP alarm panel and are looking to expand into access control?

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So, you already have a DMP alarm panel and are looking to expand into access control?

Are you looking to create an access control solution for your business for a small number of doors and don’t want to spend a fortune? NAVCO may have an answer for you.

There are a few modules that will suit your needs:

  • 734 Module – Is DMP’s standard single door access control module. It must be hardwired to the panel but can either be mounted inside the panel for head end centralism, or in the field above the door to save running a lot of expensive wire.
  • 734N – Is the best option when you want access control and running a wire is problematic. Consider whether or not you have a network connection nearby. If so, this may be the answer. This module connects to the control panel via network communication. No additional wire necessary.
  • 1134 Wireless Weigand Module – For when you want to have access control on a door, but running a wire is problematic, choose this option. It uses DMP’s highly rated wireless connection to talk to the control panel. No wires necessary for communication at all.

Even if you have a large facility that requires burglary and access control, you can still make DMP work in your favor. Large access control installations used to require more than one panel, which often brought complexity and more importantly, cost. Now even the largest installations – warehouses, multi-tenant commercial, museums, and industrial constructions – can be managed with a single XR550 panel. Even retail installations with display-case magazine locks and readers now simply require one panel. And the larger XR550 additionally solves multi-panel restrictions like anti-passback, managing codes, authorities, and schedules.

While you can administer this system from any computer, DMP also has a user-friendly application that will allow you to manage your system and get reports, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

By enabling Advanced Reports in the Dealer Admin site, NAVCO can offer you real-time access control status with custom reporting. Some examples of the information we can provide you with are: Door Access, Door Status Events with information on Access Granted and Denied, and Output Status Events. This gives you a fully featured cloud-based access control system with no software to install or maintain.

Furthermore, if you inquire about NAVCO’s leasing options, you can turn this installation from CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) purchase into OPEX (Operational Expenses). This enables you to make capital decisions without going through a budget approval process. Additionally, because it can be done one door at a time, you are not required to make a big commitment up front.

NAVCO works with technology partner’s like DMP to provide our customers with the best commercial grade equipment so that the systems we install last 5-7 years and are scalable to grow with our customer’s business. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers based on integrity and respect as demonstrated by our 99% customer retention rate.

About the Author – Allan Bleakley has 25+ years in the Southern California security industry, specializing in Integrating disparate technologies. As he has worked in all aspects of the industry, from technician to project manager, and contract administration to sales engineer. Because of this, Allan is often called upon to solve a problem that does not have a clear cut solution. Allan currently serves NAVCO in the role of Sales Engineer to deliver excellence.