About Us / Why Switch To NAVCO?

Performance and Uptime is Top Priority

NAVCO protects your investments by providing unrivaled service and improved security system uptime.

NAVCO promises a 95% first-time success rate for service calls. Simply put, this means less costly service calls and management supervision, ultimately increasing your company’s bottom line.

A first-time success rate of 95% doesn’t just happen automatically. NAVCO invests 200% of the industry standard into training, for unrivaled customer service and product expertise. Plus, NAVCO’s inventory management system coupled with product pre-staging for each project ensures the problem gets fixed on-site the first time. We call it the NAVCO “Smarts & Parts” advantage.

Why choose NAVCO?

The real benefit of a 95% first-call success rate comes when you’re managing at least 20 units or your company plans to grow while continuing to protect its investments in people, property and customers. We understand that protecting your investments will always be your first priority, which is why we make it our top priority.

Contact us or call 800-788-3779 for information on how you can experience NAVCO’s superior performance and improved uptime.

Controlling Supervision Costs

NAVCO provides complete project management, eliminating the need for our clients to add costly staff supervision.

With over 40 years of experience in the integrated security system industry, we understand that cost plays a major role in corporate decision-making. With that in mind, we offer complete management of projects, eliminating the need for our clients to supply additional costly staff supervision. When your company needs to save time and money without skimping on standards, NAVCO experts can rapidly design and execute quality system enhancements. And our techs are trained to work seamlessly with complimentary trades. We help you stay on time and within budget, which always looks good to senior management. After all, no one wants to jeopardize their company’s security or their own job security by hiring integrators with poorly trained and managed service personnel.

We combine unmatched expertise with unrivaled service to bring you complete, custom business security solutions that meet your unique budget requirements while protecting your long-term investment.

Contact us or call 800-788-3779 to find out more about how our complete project supervision can help control your management costs.

Integrate and Update Your Existing Business Security System

NAVCO can work with your existing electronic security system, providing valuable upgrades and allowing for future growth.

As the best security system integrator in the industry, NAVCO understands the unique security challenges faced by multi-location businesses. We’re able to choose the right tools for your facilities in order to maximize uptime and address potential threats, all while working within your existing system. We will fix, acquire parts and support your existing security infrastructure, even when the manufacturer no longer supports the equipment. Ultimately, NAVCO can help lower your cost of ownership by integrating and customizing your current security system, which allows for scalable growth while reducing the time and expense of future upgrades.

For further details about how we can integrate and customize your existing security system, contact us or call 800-788-3779.