What We Do / Forward Thinking Approach

Keeping Our Clients One Step Ahead.

Our focus is on our clients, but our vision is always looking ahead. At NAVCO, we recommend and implement business security solutions that meet your immediate needs while embracing the next generation of security technologies. By keeping you in front of the technology curve, we bring you the cutting-edge in security solutions while protecting your long-term technology investments.

Technology is designed to help us do our jobs faster and easier. Integrated security solutions, when properly designed and programmed, save hours of manpower and enable management to make decisions faster. To simplify it, technology allows you to delegate simple "brainpower" tasks to devices so live people can focus on more complicated "brainpower" projects.

Brainpower Components to consider:

Cameras — Some of today's new security cameras have the brainpower to analyze the scene and actually identify when a person is in its field of view, or a car, or a suspicious package is left behind.? Delegating this needed brainpower to an intelligent camera allows a security professional to be in charge of hundreds of camera views and allows him/her to focus only on those areas of concern.
Bonus: Have you ever wanted to record pictures of only people, and throw away all the others so you are keeping only what is important? You can do that now.

Recording Devices — Some of today's recording devices have evolved to include information routing to its list of features. When something happens, sometimes it needs to be documented, other times immediately investigated, and still other times others need to be mobilized because of it. Today's new video servers have the brainpower to automatically send live video feeds to different people on your team via email, blackberry or iPad applications. Now those that need the information can have access to it and respond to it as required because our recording technology has the brainpower to identify and distribute information intelligently.

Logical Access to Computer Networks — Stopping hackers from accessing corporate networks is a constant battle. Unauthorized access can cost your company millions of dollars. Passwords and biometrics have been around for years to try to keep hackers out, but they still attempt to get in by falsifying these credentials from a computer far away and outside of corporate firewalls. New Physical Building Access Control systems have the brainpower to tell your network security system EXACTLY where every employee is, allowing your network security system to only allow access to the network if the person has the proper credentials AND is where they are supposed to be.

NAVCO Support Team — NAVCO employees have the brainpower and technology partners to design solutions to help you do more with security technology than you may be doing already, allowing you to empower your employees to achieve and accomplish more per hour because of these new innovations.

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