What We Do / Benchmarking Your Security System

How Are You Measuring Up?

Your security system investments have a direct impact on your business performance and bottom line. So how do you ensure the security solutions you choose to integrate support your business goals? Here are some simple questions to help you benchmark your security systems and bolster your ROI.

How long are you storing information captured by your security systems, compared to others in your industry?

With extensive experience across Banking, Restaurant, Grocery, Convenience Store, Retail and Commercial Building markets, we're familiar with best practices for each industry. Our NAVCO experts can share current standard storage processes for your industry, as well as trending for tomorrow.

Are you squeezing the most value from your existing security system assets by integrating current technology?

NAVCO can show you how to take full advantage of the investments you've already made while modernizing your security systems. We'll help you develop a vision of where you want your security systems to be, and build a cost-effective, practical plan to get you there.

Is your security infrastructure aligned with your corporate and employee policies for dealing with power fluctuations and outages?

NAVCO experts will help you design a modernized energy-efficient security system that integrates with your UPS system. This ensures that your security investment continues to do its job, while your employees focus on doing theirs.

How are you confronting resistance to change while making the case for investing in state-of-the-art security technology?

NAVCO can help you build a case for the security system you need, while encouraging your colleagues and company to embrace change. Our experts will work with you to analyze and evaluate your current assets, develop a cost-benefit analysis for leasing vs. buying state-of-the-art technology, future-proof your investments, and identify strategies for staying on budget, all of which goes a long way to satisfying senior management.

Future-Proofing Your Security Benchamarking Your Security System