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Barnes & Noble Closes The Book
On Shrink Loss

The Challenge:

The nation's leading campus bookstore operator, Barnes & Noble, manages almost 700 college bookstores serving 4 million students and 400,000 faculty members. Like all college bookstores, their stores are particularly vulnerable to textbook theft and, as a result, huge shrink losses.

To combat these losses, Barnes & Noble knew it needed to replace its outdated and disparate collection of tape-based security systems and digital video recording systems with a single networked solution across its entire enterprise. The bookseller turned to NAVCO.

The Solution:

After carefully assessing the client’s business requirements and challenges, NAVCO recommended that Barnes & Noble replace their current video security systems with leading-edge VideoSphere 4000 Series NVRs from trusted NAVCO-supplier March Networks.

The state-of-the-art NVR (Network Video Recorder) system offers ease-of-administration, allowing the client to make changes and update software at store locations nationwide - from their head office. Administrators in the head office also have access to live as well as archived video captured at all store locations, enabling them to continually monitor what’s going on the stores and alert store managers to any issues.

Along with simplified administration, the VideoSphere 4000 Series NVRs easily accommodate megapixel IP cameras and provide up to 3 TB of massive video storage space per NVR. This allows the bookseller to expand their coverage while replacing multiple analog cameras, and at the same time zoom in on a specific area with superior clarity.

The Results:

The March Networks solution recommended by NAVCO has significantly cut down on internal theft, reduced shoplifting-related shrinkage, and provides video evidence to counter fraudulent and costly slip-and-fall claims. Store managers at each location no longer need to administer the security system, allowing them to stay focused on running the stores and staff. Having a single, standardized video surveillance system has dramatically simplified administration, maintenance and training requirements. And by reducing the number of cameras needed to cover a wider area, the bookseller has actually saved money.

“We relied on NAVCO expertise and knowledge. They got to know our business and recommended a March Networks solution. We’ve been thrilled with the results ever since.”
- Steve Welk, Director of Loss Prevention, Barnes & Noble CBS

  • Barnes & Noble has been relying on NAVCO security system expertise since 2007.
  • NAVCO installed 88 units over 69 locations, with plans to install 30 more this year.
  • Store managers are leveraging the system to build cases from the information and video evidence captured by the new system.
  • NAVCO's recommendations resolved the client's immediate security system challenges while offering a scalable solution for future needs.
NAVCO converted 3,000 locations to the client's video system