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National Coffee Retailer

NAVCO delivers on the promise of security performance and uptime.

One of the country’s busiest retailers needed more than promises to convince them that NAVCO’s higher service rate was worth it. The company’s previous security vendor charged less per hour, but would take longer each call and sometimes up to three calls to fix a problem. Lower rates meant more costly calls and more management supervision time.

The retailer was intrigued by NAVCO’s 95% first-time call success rate, so we offered a three-month trial to demonstrate our superior service and the resulting savings per each event. The trial was a success and NAVCO soon began servicing 6000 of their stores.

A first-time success rate of 95% doesn’t just happen automatically. NAVCO invests 200% of the industry standard into training. And NAVCO’s inventory management system coupled with product pre-staging for each project ensures the problem gets fixed on-site the first time. It’s the NAVCO “Smarts & Parts” advantage. Is a 95% success rate really necessary for your organization? The real benefit comes when you’re managing at least 20 units or your company plans to grow while continuing to protect its investments in people, property and customers.