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Case Studies / Grocery Stores

Market chain declares NAVCO TOPS in security

The Challenge:

Since opening its first family-owned store in the 1920s, TOPS Friendly Markets has grown to become one of the nation's leading grocery retailers. As part of its expansion, in 2007 the TOPS franchise was purchased by Morgan Stanley Private Equity, which allowed the company to continue operating as an independent, locally owned organization - true to its roots.

Following the purchase, TOPS Markets had a key decision to make: with the expiration of its current video surveillance system provider contract, who would the company select to take the organization into the forefront of security technology?

The Solution:

Starting in June 2009, TOPS Market’s leadership and NAVCO began collaborating to identify the video security requirements for a new maintenance contract. After completing a thorough assessment TOPS understood it would require a contract that covered a full range of needs. Of the 5 vendors vying for the contract, TOPS selected NAVCO as the only security system expert capable of meeting the company's complete video surveillance requirements across 135 stores.

The Results:

Now the sole provider of video surveillance for TOPS Markets, NAVCO is in the process of implementing an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the client's immediate needs, while preparing them for future requirements. TOPS Markets anticipates saving significant time and money by simplifying, unifying and modernizing the technology they use. And look to NAVCO for the support and services to keep their investment operating at peak performance.

  • TOPS Markets initially partnered with NAVCO in 2009 to identify requirements for the company's new video surveillance maintenance contract.
  • NAVCO won the contract, beating out 5 vendors to become TOPS's sole provider of video surveillance.
  • NAVCO is currently implementing cost-effective and efficient systems for 135 TOPS stores.
NAVCO converted 3,000 locations to the client's video system