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Case Studies / Banks & Financial Services

Leading Global Financial Services Firm

The Challenge:

A leading global financial services firm with assets exceeding $2 trillion, and more than 200,000 employees, had previously partnered with multiple vendors to handle its video security system requirements. Already presenting significant logistical challenges, the company knew these issues would be only be compounded following the addition of 3,000 sites acquired through consolidation. The firm wanted to avoid the cost of hiring additional human resources to manage multiple vendors. A year ago they turned to NAVCO as their exclusive vendor.

The Solution:

NAVCO provided this leading financial firm with a single, convenient and consistent source for their video system requirements. A recognized video security system specialist, NAVCO had already established a proven successful track record with this client. The client naturally selected NAVCO to ease the transition to a single video vendor while the company acquired another recognized bank.

The Results:

As the single point of communication, NAVCO provided consistency and uniform standards for the client’s video security systems across multiple sites, including the newly-added locations. By assigning a dedicated team of integration specialists to oversee the video system conversion for 3,000 new sites, NAVCO smoothed the transition for branch and security employees alike.

By eliminating the need to hire additional full-time employees to manage multiple video vendors, the client realized significant savings as well as a faster conversion. NAVCO proactively anticipated and prepared for any issues, and got the video system up and running on schedule and to the client’s high standards.

  • The company had been a NAVCO client for 15 years.
  • As the Bank’s exclusive vendor, NAVCO converted 3,000 newly acquired locations to the client’s video system standards in one year.
  • NAVCO’s consultative approach ensured a forward-looking solution.
NAVCO converted 3,000 locations to the client's video system